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Business traveler seeks Avon

Business traveler seeks Avon

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SBF waiting for SBM for foreplay fun. Also, I seek a kind of sophisticated, international person who has experience and relating to other cultures, planing on future travel.

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Business traveler seeks Avon

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I am in fact a bbw so if you don't like it, well then you are going to miss out on a super amazing sekes. If I haven't sent you running in fear by now, and you are still reading, why don't you take that leap and contact me back. Mature mentor 4 younger fem m4w Mature male looking for a younger inexpeienced female thats wants to learn and be mentored I can teach you things you never new existed.

I'm officially breaking that curse. Discreet, Respectful and Fun I'm a white male, 2 athletic 3and 9 knows 6 8what 2he 3is 6doing. No time for Head or Drama.

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Business traveler seeks Avon

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